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Cost of a New Garage Door
The average cost of installing a garage door is $836. This would typically include a single, metal door and the installation of an automatic opener. There are a few items that may increase the cost of your project. For example, if you have a two-car garage, you may need to install two separate doors or one large, double door. These options normally come with a higher price tag. Check out the information below to see what the average cost is in your local area.
Austin, TX
Boston, MA
Wilmington, DE
Raleigh, NC
Seattle, WA
Tampa, FL
Omaha, NE
Virginia Beach, VA
New Orleans, LA
San Francisco, CA
Pittsburgh, PA
Las Vegas, NV
Kansas City, KS
Houston, TX
New York, NY
Minneapolis, MN
Free Cost Estimates from Garage Door Installers
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